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We Are Not Limited By Platform Or By Imagination. We REALLY Listen & Will Completely Transform Your Online Learning Experience

Revolutionising Online Learning

We will work WITH you to determine the best platform to develop your online program on or work seamlessly with the one you already have.

SCORM Development Agency Australia
SCORM Development Agency Australia

Transformational For Individuals

Breathing fresh air into the online learning experience for your members, team or staff. So that you can boost productivity and leverage super fast completion rates. 

Stunning SCORM programs

Organisations want a more engaging and interactive experience when it comes to learning these days. The best way to make this happen is using SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model). SCORM is an international standard of transferring information in eLearning courses. 

It packages up different interactive components and uploads them to a Learning Management System (LMS) in one easy zip file. SCORM also converts content so it is compatible with any SCORM compliant LMS, future-proofing your course material. 

So, how does it work? 

Hayley Wilson Online Course Developer Australia

Course Content

we work with you step by step to pull you content together which may include text, images, illustrations, infographics, animation, video and interactive activities and games

Hayley Wilson Online Course Developer Australia

Authoring Tool

which is a fancy word for the software we use (Articulate Storyline 360) that translates the material into a digital language.

Hayley Wilson Articulate SCROM Developer Australia

Learning Management System (LMS)

we upload your eLearning course onto a delivery platform that students use to engage with your content and track their results. We will need to make sure your LMS is SCORM compliant before we start.

Hayley Wilson Online Course Developer Australia

These parts need to work together for engaging eLearning. That’s where SCORM comes in!

The beauty about SCORM courses is that if you were to change your LMS platform you can easily take your online program and upload it onto a new LMS with ease. Future proofing the organisation.

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